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Second Marriages And Estate Planning

April 21, 2022
Any major life change should prompt a review of a person’s estate plan. An estate plan is a living document, and the provisions included in the plan may need to change following a divorce, death, or second marriage. There are many factors worth considering when revisiting your estate plan due to a new marriage. The […]
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Cryptocurrency And Your Estate Plan

April 19, 2022
The rapid growth of cryptocurrency over the past decade has created a new class of digital assets. According to the World Economic Forum, the total market cap of the crypto sector grew by 187.5% in 2021. Like all other types of assets, it is important to include digital holdings in an estate plan. If not […]
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Family Business And Divorce

March 19, 2022
Divorce can affect many more people than just the spouses getting the divorce. It can also affect their children, their friends, and their family members. If a family business has lasted for multiple generations, the whole family can be affected during a divorce. Adding a family business into the divorce equation can make an already […]
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Charitable Giving And Your Estate Plan

March 18, 2022
When people want to leave a legacy, honor a loved one, or support a cause, they often make donations to charities that share their values. Charitable giving can also be incorporated into estate plans in order to fulfill a person’s philanthropic objectives. Johnson Law Group’s experienced estate planning lawyers can answer any questions you have […]
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Determining If There Are Hidden Marital Assets

March 17, 2022
Divorce can have a devastating effect on people’s finances. Some people, therefore, try to get an advantage over the other spouse during a divorce by hiding information about assets or the assets themselves. However, doing so can lead to serious consequences. If you are concerned about hidden assets in your divorce, consider contacting an experienced […]
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Mortgage Payments And Divorce

March 16, 2022
Divorce can have a dramatic impact on a couple’s finances, especially if their household income is now divided to provide for two separate households. Deciding what to do with the marital home and the associated mortgage can be difficult, especially if the separation is acrimonious. The divorce process and all the legal and financial implications […]
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What Are My Rights If I Leave The Marital Home?

February 19, 2022
Going through a divorce is rarely easy. While amicable divorces do happen, most divorces involve a variety of concerns that need to be addressed, including what will happen with the marital home. Most couples going through a divorce will not want to continue living together while waiting for the process to finish. However, many individuals […]
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What Is A Gun Trust?

February 18, 2022
During the estate planning process, it is important to consider all of your assets. While homes, vehicles, and other high-value properties may be the first things to come to mind, gun owners should also consider what will happen to their firearms once the owner has died or become incapacitated. Firearm owners who are in the […]
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You Have No Estate Plan – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

January 25, 2022
You’ve heard of Estate Planning before and have an understanding that having a plan in place will not only establish how you’d like your property to be handled when you pass away, but also how you can safeguard your well being in the event you can no longer make decisions for yourself. Yet, for one […]
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Understanding the Colorado Intestate Process

December 22, 2021
Having a comprehensive estate plan in place and checking in on it regularly while still healthy can substantially improve the chances that all wealth and assets built over a lifetime and included in an estate will be distributed per the decedent’s true wishes. In the absence of an estate plan or any valid documentation indicating […]
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