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Choosing to dissolve a marriage is never easy, but skilled representation from an accomplished divorce attorney can be the difference between a fresh start and a problem that lingers for years. At Johnson Law Group, LLC, in Denver, CO, we have the experience and compassion to guide you through the divorce process with your legal and financial well-being intact. As Colorado is strictly a no-fault divorce state, we focus on obtaining the best results for our clients rather than assigning blame. When possible, we look to resolve disputes through consensus to reduce the financial and emotional stress you are facing. No matter what forum you choose to dissolve your marriage, we vigorously protect your legal interests and strive to build a strong foundation for the new chapter in your life.

Advising divorcing clients on Colorado’s spousal maintenance rules

Changes to Colorado’s spousal maintenance laws have made it easier to predict what payments if any, one ex-spouse will have to make to the other. There are a number of factors used to determine spousal maintenance rates, and they include:

  • Income from each party — A percentage of the higher-earning spouse’s income minus a percentage of the lower-earning spouse’s income is used to set the required payment amount.
  • Financial situation — The overall financial status of each partner is used to assess whether the statutory support amount is fair or should be granted at all.
  • Marriage duration — The longer you were married, the longer you may be qualified to receive spousal maintenance.

The statutory formula applies to couples with a combined monthly income up to $240,000. Our lawyers will advise how the calculation applies based on your specific situation.

Skilled legal advice to help you attain an equitable property division

When a married couple divorces in Colorado, assets acquired during the marriage are allocated by the court based on the principle of equitable distribution. This division is not necessarily a split down the middle, however. Judges will seek to find a fair way to divide property such as homes, vehicles, bank accounts and other financial assets that are part of the marital estate. We will advocate strongly for a fair solution that encompasses all marital property, including items such as retirement benefits and business interests that are sometimes overlooked.

Advocating for parents in child support disputes

Noncustodial parents of minors are legally bound to provide financial support for their children. Colorado has established a formula that approximates the required payment rate in most cases, based on each parent’s income, childcare costs, and health insurance expenses. Using this calculation, our lawyers will help you anticipate what you can expect and ensure that accurate information is presented to the court. We also work on behalf of parents to enforce child support orders when terms are violated. Likewise, when a significant change in circumstances means that an existing order is unfair, we will apply for modification of the terms.

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Johnson Law Group, LLC, is the divorce attorney in Denver, CO, that will represent Colorado clients with divorce, divorce mediation and modification, and other family litigation. Please call 720-463-4333 or contact us online for a initial consultation at our Denver office.


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